The Unification of Hypnotherapy

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The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) is the national peak body for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia. The HCA provides a cohesive identity for the diversity of hypnotherapy methodologies and promotes its professional and ethical practice for the benefit of the community.

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) is committed to unifying the Hypnotherapy Profession with a foundation of strong ethical principles, and an emphasis on effective practice offering real assistance to those members of the public who seek our help. HCA recognises Australian incorporated associations and educational organisations that meet our criteria for membership, including standards of ethics and training.

Look for the HCA logo on the organisation’s websites.

To join an HCA Association, a practicing hypnotherapist must meet standards of Ethical conduct, meet or exceed minimum standards of training, have ongoing education and supervision each year, and keep current First Aid and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Many associations can provide access to provider numbers from private health insurance companies that provide such rebates for hypnotherapy.

Does your hypnotherapist meet these standards? Do they have HCA Member Association or ANHR logos on their practitioner websites?

It is a requirement of membership of HCA that the graduates of HCA Member Educational Organisations meet or exceed the national minimum standard of training, and must be eligible to join a HCA recognised association. This ensures professional standards are met for a practitioner to enter the profession.

The Organisation of Hypnotherapy in Australia


HCA was formed after many years of industry consultation in Australia. At an inaugural meeting in Sydney on the 16th April 2007 hosted by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), our profession’s hypnotherapy schools and associations discussed the issue of Voluntary Self Regulation (VSR). It was determined that if this path was followed we would require the establishment of a new Peak Umbrella Association. The majority of those present agreed and the decision to take control of it own future was decided.

The second meeting was held in Brisbane on the 25th July 2007 and was hosted by the Hypnosis Association of Queensland (HAQ). It was a lively affair. Various organisations presented their views on the merits of VSR and what it would mean to the profession. These views were then passionately debated.


Industry Working Party

Then on the 26th of October 2007 in Melbourne, the third meeting of the profession was hosted by the Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists (CCH). The profession was becoming more cohesive and voted to name the yet to be established Peak Body The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) and in so doing has changed the professional face of clinical hypnotherapy in Australia forever. The meeting appointed a working party of volunteers from various participating associations and schools, to develop the HCA constitution. For the next two and a half years the HCA Working Party met monthly to formulate what was hoped to be the foundation elements for the new peak body HCA.

Through discussion, compromise, and effort, the HCA Working Party members reached a consensus. The culmination of these endeavours was then sent to all the participating schools and associations in late 2009 but received a less than glowing reception. The Working Party members realised that a classic error had been made. While they had been working hard on constructing the constitution, they had neglected to keep the profession informed along the way.

Formation of the
Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

After listening to the feedback from the profession and adjusting the constitution as requested, the date of the 25th July 2010 in Sydney to be hosted by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) was set as the inaugural meeting to establish the HCA. Now the mood was very positive. Although there was some dissention the majority of the profession voted to accept the proposed constitution and to register the HCA as the unified Peak Body for Hypnotherapy in Australia. The HCA Working Party was replaced by the next installment being the HCA Development Committee. Some of the Working Party members continued along with some new members who brought welcomed new energy.

The majority of our profession voted for the establishment of the HCA but for the HCA to succeed it needs not just a majority but, all the profession to join HCA’s vision. To this end those that are still undecided have been contacted and discussions have ensured that communications are open and all aspects of the HCA are transparent.

The next meeting to be hosted by the Hypnosis Association of Queensland (HAQ) is due to occur in Brisbane in July 2011. At that meeting the first National Board of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) will be formed and a new era of representation for the clinical hypnotherapy profession will have finally commenced.