The Unification of Hypnotherapy

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HCA – What We do

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) has been established by the Hypnotherapy Profession in Australia and serves a crucial role in advocating and advancing the profession in all Australian states.  For many years, Hypnotherapy was technically covered under the psychology regulations in the many Australian States, but with the advent of the Government’s National Competitions Policy and the recognition that Hypnosis is a safe and effective process, the profession now speaks for itself with HCA being the peak body for hypnotherapy in Australia.

HCA crosses the boundaries of location, methodologies, and organisational size. We represent the organisations, both associations and educational organisations, that represent and develop our front-line therapists, the hypnotherapy practitioners. HCA is governed by a unique constitution and is managed by an elected National Board comprising representatives from a wide range of member organisations.

As the peak body, HCA has developed recommendations for minimum standards of practice, codes of conduct, and ethical practice. We act as a focal point for contact with government agencies, other professional bodies, and the community. Links to member association hypnotherapist registers listed on our site listing qualified hypnotherapists. This is particularly important to the public as a conduit to finding a therapist that is appropriately qualified and governed by HCA’s code of conduct and ethical standards.

HCA’s goal is to improve communication within the profession, as well as to the community to promote the awareness of hypnotherapy as a valuable tool for change.

All HCA Member organisations must meet certain criteria to be eligible for membership, and only current members are entitled to use the HCA logo.