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 Join the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia as an Education Member

Education Member Criteria

Educational Schools who teach Clinical Hypnotherapy have a significant role to play within the Hypnotherapy Industry.

HCA is accountable for ensuring there are appropriate minimum standards of education for clinical hypnotherapists in Australia.

To be a full education member of HCA, schools need to be able to provide evidence  they have:

  • School Prospectus which describes the school or institution and services it offers,
  • Management and Administration systems used to comply with privacy, confidentiality, student progress, and data storage,marketing methods and approaches,
  • Course Curriculum, which details what is learnt in the course,
  • Educational Models and Techniques used for delivery of Clinical Hypnotherapy theory, practical application & practice, supervision
  • Course Intended Outcomes
  • Course Data– number held per year, participants per course, pass rate per course number of hours in total, hours for theory, hours under practical supervision, % course on hypnosis, % course on other which other topics,
  • Trainer Information – who is the Head of School, are there other trainers, what are their hypnosis and therapy qualifications, what are their teaching and training qualifications, what CPE they undertake, which professional Associations are they members of,
  • Quality measures for course – how is this measured, what are the results, include measures of validity, authenticity, currency, and sufficiency regarding course,
  • Industry relevance measures for course – what industry needs are being addressed, are graduates immediately able to belong to professional associations, any post qualification support,

Evidence to meet these criteria need to be submitted via email to

Application for Education Membership of Hypnotherapy Council of Australia Inc.
Evidence to meet these criteria need to be submitted via email to
Direct deposit details are: BSB: 633 000 Account: 141 625 178. PLEASE include the name of the Institution in the reference section. The annual fee will be payable on acceptance of your membership application. Input the Bank receipt number further down in the application form. Thank you.
NB: Entity name, address and contact details are required for the Members register. However, although the name of the relevant personnel is also required for the register, the contact details of those relevant personnel are kept separately to maintain privacy considerations, as per HCA Constitution Section 5.
Please collect and submit this evidence via email to
Direct Deposit into : BSB: 633 000 Account: 141 625 178
Please put the reference number in the space above, so that your application may be processed quickly. Thank you

What happens next?


Thank you for your Application for Education Membership with the HCA.

Your application has been forwarded to the Membership Committee and will be on their  Agenda this month.

If there is anything else you may wish to add, or wish to ask anything further, please contact our Secretary at