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WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO Join the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia?

As the Peak Body for Hypnotherapy in Australia, HCA invites Australian Associations with hypnotherapists as members, and Australian Educational Organisations which teach hypnotherapy, to join the HCA.

As a Professional Peak Body, the HCA is not an association which can  accept individual practitioners as members.  Individual Practitioners need to join the Hypnotherapy Associations who focus on their individual needs as practitioners.

HCA welcomes Hypnotherapy Associations and Hypnotherapy Educational Schools to join HCA.

The HCA has the following objects, given it is a not for profit entity created for the sole purpose of promoting and enhancing the field of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia has these objects in order to fulfil its mission.

Research, policy development, advice to government and hypnotherapy industry
Advocacy and representation to government and other mental health decision makers
• Information dissemination within hypnotherapy sector and to the communities
Consultation and coordination within hypnotherapy sector
• Enable better standards of education and professional practice.

To find out if your Association or Educational School qualifies for HCA membership, click on the relevant  button below.

Each category has its own individual requirements, and all required documentation must be supplied  in a scanned form to enable your application to proceed. Please send to

There is a non refundable application fee  of $50 payable in advance.   Once the Membership Committee has reviewed the application, the applying organisation will be notified by the secretary, usually within six weeks of the application being received.
Only current member organisations are entitled to use the HCA logo.

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